St charles assisted livingSecretive and family-oriented. Scorpio natives are very secretive - I remember when Aishwarya Rai was on some beauty panel and a host told she knew a secret about her, it felt that she would get a heart attack when she heard that. ... So for example, if your Scorpio is found in Midheaven, it means you can exert the most focus on your work and ...Sig sauer p290rs laser sight for saleScorpio: BLACK MAGIC Sagittarius: EXPLORATIONS Capricorn: AMBITIONS Aquarius: MANIPULATION Pisces: INTUITION. MIDHEAVEN: Aries: AN ATHLETE Taurus: AN ARCHITECT Gemini: A TEACHER/PROFESSOR Cancer: A WRITER/POET Leo: AN ACTOR/A FILM DIRECTOR Virgo: A DOCTOR Libra: A DISIGNER Scorpio: A PSYCHOLOGIST Sagittarius: A POLITICIAN Capricorn: A LAWYER/JUDGE