The international network confluenze was born in 2006


To offer internalization

We believe that to have a durable success abroad is not enough to export.

It is necessary to adapt part of the culture, organization, marketing and, sometimes, even products and services to the new markets.

We help firms and organizations to be successful abroad:
:: identifying the foreign market needs;
:: helping the clients to adapt to these needs;
:: supporting locally the client’s already established products and services;
:: launching products and services we helped to adapt to the foreign market.

We understand that to better serve our clients we need to think internationally. Therefore we have a basis in USA, Europe and China.



To offer innovation

We believe that to offer real innovation is necessary to have a multidisciplinary approach:
:: management to understand the firm ‘s or organization’s SWOTS and needs;
:: marketing to understand the market needs;
:: Ergonomics and Human Factors to understand the human needs;
:: Design for All to find inclusive answers;
:: all disciplines together to create successful innovative answers to the sometimes conflicting needs.

We also believe that manager, marketer, ergonomist and designer must work together even before the briefing and during the whole process. This requires consolidated team dynamics with professionals who have different working approaches: therefore our 3 offices merged in a network.

We deliver award winning innovative solutions, fruit of the deep interaction of the client and our network.






Avril Accolla, principal of avrildesign - Innovation, Design and Communication
Luigi Bandini Buti, principal of LBB Ergonomia - Holistic Ergonomics & Human Factors
Daniela Gilardelli, principal of Going International - Management, Organization & Marketing