We add value


We promote success abroad

We serve companies and organizations who want to enter successfully a foreign market or who have already entered it and want to increase their success.

:: analyse your structure, culture, human resources, products and services to assess your strenghts and weaknesses in the chosen foreign market;
:: research the foreign market with its opportunities and threats;
:: help to design developments in your organization and strategic/operational marketing when these developments are needed to build a lasting success in the chosen foreign market;
:: design changes in your products and services if these changes are needed to satisfy the different cultural and market needs;
:: help to design your strategy and business plan;
:: prepare your human resources for the new challenges;
:: support the firm’s or organization’s activity in the foreign market.

Our strengths:
:: an extensive and diversified net of professionals in Europe, Usa and China, to answer any possible necessity;
:: partners who speak English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, and have notions of Chinese;
:: offices in Milan, Washington DC area and Shanghai.



We create innovation

We build multidisciplinary teams of experts in Management, Marketing, Holistic Ergonomics, Human Factors, Design for All and areas specific to your business.

Your management and our team define together the project's briefing. Our team works together from the beginning to the end of the project. It constantly involves the potential target and the whole value chain. It utilizes also:
:: innovative proprietary research methodologies;
:: Human Factors and Holistic Ergonomics analysis;
:: 3values Marketing, Lateral Marketing and, Aesthetics Marketing;
:: the inclusive and user centered methodology “Design for All”.

Our strenghts:
:: we principals have all more than 15 years experience and personally lead the teams;
:: we work in team since 2006 and continue to improve our multidisciplinary approach;
:: we have won numerous national and international awards.