Innovation, design &

Established by Avril Accolla in 2002.

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It offers design and research solutions which multiply companies' opportunities:
:: innovating with a smile; 
:: adding value through Design. Its projects always express beauty through additional functional features;
:: applying an innovative interpretation of Italian Design, based on constant research and international comparisons;
:: implementing Design for All, increasing the firms’ profitability and the organisations’ membership.

Avrildesign projects physical and virtual products and services. It also operates in numerous scientific and cultural fields, such as designing courses, workshops, conferences and conventions.

It has developed the Design for All applicative methodology.

Going International
Management, organization &

Established by Daniela Gilardelli in 1986.

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It promotes success in foreign markets
helping companies and organizations to
:: understand their opportunities and threats in the foreign market;
:: make the necessary changes in their organization, strategic/operational marketing, products and services;
:: develop their activity in the foreign market.
To deliver this result Going International manages also foreign market researches.

It fosters innovation and value adding solutions in companies and organizations. Employing the innovative methodologies the founder perfected in large multinationals and in university laboratories and workshops.

It increases profitability and enhances the brand image through Design for All multidisciplinary, inclusive projects.

Going International has also developed original marketing and communication methodologies and research tools. 

LBB Ergonomia
Ergonomics &
Human Factors

Established by Luigi Bandini Buti in 1970.

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It improves the companies' market positioning:
:: analysing the aspects of use in existing products and systems;
:: introducing emotional ergonomics into the design of products and places;
:: developing ergonomic designs for consumption and durable goods and for built environments;
:: supporting Design for All solutions, increasing the firms’ profitability.

It disseminates the concepts that inform applied ergonomics, Holistic Ergonomics and Design for All.

LBBergonomia has also developed original methodologies of its own for evaluating product appeal and for introducing emotional ergonomics in the design process.